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Thursday, August 28

Aveda Naturally Straight and Be Curly- The Video

Following yesterdays blog post, here's my video featuring Avedas Naturally Straight and Be Curly range*.

Filmed with my best friend Nikki, we put together a video to show you the results we gained after using the products after lusting for both straighter and more defined curly hair. 

I'm really pleased with Avedas Naturally Straight, and since filming the video last week after four uses, I'm pleased to announce that my hair has stayed straighter and is a lot more manageable than it's ever been, making getting ready with a baby in tow a lot easier-I've even ditched the mummy top knot in exchange for side parted straight locks.

I'd love to know what you think of the results in the video and whether you're keen to try Avedas Naturally Straight or Be Curly to achieve longer lasting luscious results. 

Be sure to subscribe to my channel and leave me a comment with your thoughts on the range.

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Aveda Naturally Straight and Be Curly

Over the past ten months, my hair has gone through a variation of changes due to the pregnancy hormones running through my body and over time, my hair has become slightly more wavier than it was prior to my pregnancy. I've found myself needing to tame the frizz that I've always suffered with a lot more than usual and the baby hairs that frame my face have become slightly out of control, as well as around my ears and the nape of my neck. New hairs have formed throughout my parting which stand on end uncontrollably and are reminiscent of a static reaction, creating a rather crazy hair do day to day that in all honesty, probably isn't the best look for anyone.

Since becoming a mum to baby Harrison almost six weeks ago, time has been an issue, and where I would have had endless time to straighten, tong and style my hair to near perfection before, that's now unheard of and a top knot with loose hairs at the back of my head, referred to as a mullet by my loving boyfriend, is as far as it has got to styling for the most part of the past three weeks. 

Aveda recently got in touch with me and gave me the chance to try their new Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight which aimed towards those with curly, wavey and frizzy hair, works to combat frizz and hold your hair straight for up to three washes after using consecutively for five washes.

Perfect for mums like myself and those with troublesome hair, I put the line to the test and have been really impressed with how well it smooths my hair, taming my frizzy areas and fighting against the humidity we're currently experiencing. As a new mum that hasn't had any real me time, it's really refreshing to wake up to hair that doesn't need much attention and is pretty much as straight as it can get from predominantly products and a blow dry, which I must admit I normally struggle with. 

Although I do normally struggle with my blowdrying techniques, the key to Naturally Straight is all in the blowdrying, as the tension and heat lock in the fibres around the hair. These plant fibres have a progressive effect, so in turn my hair becomes straighter and straighter the more I use the product and my blow-drying my hair becomes easier.

Demonstrating how I used the range along with my best friend Nikki who took me up on my offer to put the Aveda Be Curly Range to the test, you can see from the shots here, and you can see from the results in a video tomorrow over on my YouTube channel, that my hair looks a lot healthier too. 

Consisting of four Be Curly products, the Shampoo & Conditioner, Style Prep & Curl Enhancer, Be Curly has been an ideal system for Nikki as she personally loves to embrace her curls. Like me, Nikki has recently been experiencing a whole load of frizz, due to the heat and humidity and has found her hair being even more work than it normally is. 

Be Curly works as a system to tame frizz, create extra shine and intensify existing curls, and with its hero ingredient Wheat Protein locking into the hairs true curls to reform them back to their bouncy, full of life form, from an outsiders opinion, I think it's worked a treat on her locks.

Our Aveda Naturally Straight and Be Curly video will be going live tomorrow, where you'll be able to see the products in full use, how we applied them and all of our thoughts as well as hair results from two pretty different ends of the spectrum.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the products once our video is live tomorrow. Do these Aveda products intrigue you and sound as if they're something your curly/wavey/frizzy hair is lusting after? 

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Thursday, August 21

Illamasqua Glamore Nude Lipsticks

It's been a while since I blogged about a nude lipstick, in fact it's been a while since I blogged about any make up at all, but a launch that I couldn't not feature is Illamasquas Nude lipsticks that were recently launched into their Glamore Collection.

Tease*, Starkers*, Rosepout* and Naked* are four of the new seven Nude shades that have been added to the collection and I am in love.
There's no hiding that I'm a huge Nude fan anyway, but quite often it's hard to find the right shade. Here we have four different Nude hues which all carry slightly different tones, but strangely, as opposed to so many I've tried in the past, the majority being more the old lady kind of "your lips" nude, these all carry a really feminine tone and seem to suit all.

My favourite of the four is most definitely Rosepout and I've found myself reaching for it on all of the days that I've managed to apply make up recently. It's the perfect Rose toned Nude and I find it compliments the majority of make up looks that I have been wearing- be it more glam or subtle barely there new mum looks both on it's own and underneath glosses.

My least favourite of the four is probably Tease, which may come as a shock to you if you've been reading my blog for a while as it looks like the one I would pick from a collection. The colour is a little too light and chalky for me when I have a tan and so for the Summer months is in my opinion, the least wearable for me.

These Glamore lipsticks sit on the lips pretty nicely, and although they're not the most moisturising, which I don't find Illamasqua lipsticks ever are, they're comfortable to wear, long lasting and aren't super drying.

Worn both alone and underneath a gloss, I'm a huge fan of Illamasquas Glamore lipsticks and available now costing £18.50 they can be purchased in Illamasqua stores and at counters in the likes of Selfridges


Monday, August 18


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Saturday, August 16

Win a trip to Barcelona with Lacoste and #NEWPERSPECTIVE

My #NEWPERSPECTIVE Instagram entry

Yesterday over on Instagram, I uploaded my entry to Lacoste L!VE #NEWPERSPECTIVE competition which has been set up to give you the chance of winning a once in a life time trip to Barcelona.

 Running until August 24th 2014, the Lacoste L!VE team invite you to share your unique and new perspective of everyday things in a shot over on Instagram and are looking for creative and exciting uploads to follow suit of Mr Whisper- a creative, unique and diverse urban Instagram photographer and creative director, who is leading the campaign and has put together a really interesting how-to video of how to create the best filtered shots.

Lacoste L!VE Pour Homme is the new fragrance from Lacoste for men, which oozes energy and has was put together with creativity, energy and a cool edge in mind. Zesty with Lime and playful with an unexpected bold twist, Lacoste L!VE has a nice depth and each note is beautifully picked up on the men that wear it.

  To enter the competition to be in with a chance of winning a once in a lifetime trip to Barcelona, simpy share your photo of a new perspective of a familiar everyday place over on Instagram with the hashtag it #NEWPERSPECTIVE and tag @LACOSTELIVE

This competition ends on August 24th 2014 and more information can be found here

I'd love to see your entries to the competition so feel free to follow me over on Instagram and link me into your comments so I can have a little look at your new perspective shot.

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Thursday, July 24

Introducing Baby Harrison

Introducing Baby Harrison who was born on 13/07/2014 at 14:51 weighing 8lb15oz.

We're both doing very well and Mike and I are the proudest parents in the world right now.

Thank you all so much for following our pregnancy journey, we're currently spending every moment enjoying our baby boy, but I'll be back very soon with all things beauty and baby. 

Tuesday, July 8

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

Elemis is a current favourite brand of mine and now well into my third tub of Pro-Collagen Marine Cream*, I thought it was about time I let you in on my thoughts.

One of Elemis' cult products, it's been one of their best sellers since way back in the day and after using it for a good while now, I can see why. 

Now I don't know where I stand when it comes to when to start using anti-ageing products, but I'm happy to do so and now passing my mid-twenties with a baby on its way and a fair few dare I say it, wrinkles, I think it's safe to say I'm okay.

Pro-Collagen Marine Cream uses ingredients such as the strongest concentrate available of Padina Pavonica extract to provide lift, collagen support, cell renewal, elasticity and firmness, moisture and hydration to the skin and used daily, I personally really love the effects.

It really helps my skin stay under control and provides just what it needs and when using it, I honestly can't say I don't have any complaints. Not only does my skin feel a lot better, it looks pretty damn good if I can say so myself and make up looks so much nicer after moisturising beforehand with this dream.

Nicely textured in a gel-cream formula, it's pretty light on the skin and sinks in beautifully leaving no horrible or heavy residue.

 Incredibly popular with cult-product status, this moisturiser really is worth trying and although 50ml will set you back about £79, it really does do an excellent job and is definitely worth looking into if you have a few spare pennies to splash on skincare.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream is available to buy in stores such as Cult Beauty, John Lewis and Debenhams

Friday, July 4

Pregnancy Update #10: Week 35-37 Update

It's been a good few weeks since I last put together a pregnancy update, and if I'm honest, the last few weeks seem like a total blur and I feel like I'm going to actually have to use my own weekly vlogs for reference. Nothing dramatic has happened but in all honestly, I've just been so incredibly exhausted, that the days have all merged together and I've just had no energy to do anything, let alone open my laptop and work. Where I have found moments of energy and get up and go, I've had so much that has needed doing, that unfortunately, my blog has had to take a backseat, which without sounding too over the top, kind of breaks my heart.

Being pregnant isn't easy and although from an outsider looking in "it's just a bump" and "you're pregnant, not ill", the strain and impact it has on your body and lifestyle is huge- too big to even describe. There's been things I want to do and quite frankly, need to do, but surprisingly, even with eight/nine months of practice behind me, the final leg is incredibly difficult and nothing prepared me for it.

Lack of energy and exhaustion aside, it's been really tough on my hormones and although not as bad as the beginning trimester for me which I'm grateful for, things begun to get a little bit too much at times. I'm not sure if I maybe put myself under too much pressure for things to be "perfect", but over the last few weeks, I've hit a few brick walls and couldn't physically do anything more.

My back constantly aches, I'm tired, nothing fits (even my maternity clothes are too small), I waddle around with my arms swinging, suffering with pains whilst my baby boy is making his way deeper into my pelvis squashing my bladder (we all know where that's going!) and my feet are constantly huge, swollen and sore.

The extent of my swollen feet has really got me down recently, they're absolutely massive and I honestly can't remember what my feet and ankles looked like prior to pregnancy. The only shoes I've worn for the past few weeks are my trusty Birkenstocks*, which although I am so incredibly grateful for and are in fact fortunately a current trend, they're far from what I want to wear on my feet- especially to a wedding where I was supposed to be a Bridesmaid!!

With my due date so close and only a few weeks to go, you can imagine the mix of emotions of excitement, fear of the unknown and although I hate to admit it- stress that I went through. It's a stressful time planning for a baby and awaiting the arrival of your little bundle of joy and whilst I would for sure do it all again in a heartbeat, the last few weeks haven't been the easiest.

To remain as relaxed as possible, keeping in mind that my baby could have arrived at any point, by Week 36 I tried to make sure that I listened to my body and took it a bit easier. Sleeping when I was tired regardless of how much I had to do, taking time off of work purely just to get some much needed rest in, sitting down to relieve my feet at any available opportunity and although typing this sounds a little selfish, putting myself first again, because as I'm constantly reminded- stress really isn't good for the baby.

Waiting for something you're so desperate for is always super exciting and frustrating, and time always seems to go that little bit slower, but strangely enough, I do feel like the last few weeks have flown by for me which has surprised me a lot.
By 37 Weeks, I was all packed for the hospital and although I have since re-packed a crazy amount of times (I blame nesting), my Cath Kidston Weekend Bag and Storksak Coral Ashley* bags are both ready and waiting by the door, ready for labour to begin for the what I can only imagine will be a panicked dash to the hospital.

As I write this, I'm in fact 39 weeks pregnant and on the very final leg of pregnancy. Since dropping at around Week 37/38 (on a trip to Currys and Ikea which was terrifying), things are even more real (and uncomfortable) than ever and I am so excited to get pushing to meet our little boy. My mood has picked up somewhat and I'm feeling a lot more energised and each wiggle and every hiccup from my baby boy has me so excited for his arrival.
Things have changed on the home front too, which is all very exciting and has given me a lot of relief and something else to focus on- so keep an eye out for a possible house/nursery tour!

I'll be sure to let you know how week 38 and 39 were for me shortly, but keeping in mind that I'm due to give birth in a week- there may well be a lovely little boy that keeps me from doing so for a while.

Just in case, thank you so much for following my pregnancy journey, I've absolutely loved sharing the ins and outs (which reminds me, I still don't have a full on outie- woo!) with you all and there will be many pregnancy products/birthing/mummy and baby posts to come.

Although my posts/videos may have come across slightly negative at times, put it down to my hormones and lack of sleep because honestly, as much as I haven't been its biggest fan at times and I've always been very honest about it, it really is the most amazing thing in the world and is such a blessing. I feel so grateful to be able to experience it and along with all the cramps, swollen feet, yawns and endless trips to the loo (if you make it that far!) come cute baby hiccups, a delightful growing bump, kicks and somersaults that automatically bring a smile, a perfect bond with something you haven't even met yet and some of the most dreamy of moments for both Mike, my family and I. It's been a whirlwind and I've had my fair share of ups and downs, but would I do it again? Yes. In a heartbeat.

Keep up to date with me over on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram- where the arrival of my bundle of happiness, joy and love will be shortly announced!